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Introducing LawrencePsychAdvisory

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

My first published study examining work-related violence was (way back) in 1995, when I was in the middle of my PhD. The work examined why some bars seemed to be intuitively recognised as a place where violent behaviour was accepted, and others did not. I started looking at violence and aggression in pubs and bars - leading to many, many days and nights in bars that could (generously!) be described as 'lively'.

I wanted to understand why sometimes the same people acted aggressively, but in other contexts and with other people they did not. What were the factors that seemed to predict the change? How is aggression triggered? I wanted to look at the evidence, and see which data stood up to being tested in the real world.

Today, after 25 years as an academic and practitioner, advising and working with many organisations, delivering countless workshops and publishing scores of papers on just this question, I am excited to be launching Lawrence PsychAdvisory.

LPA is the culmination of years of immersion in the field of work-related aggression, conflict and of examining ways to reduce negative interactions. If you or your organisation want to do better at promoting positive interactions at work, between staff and clients, or between employees, LPA can help. We can guide you to where the trigger points might be, and work with you to develop solutions that work for your organisation.

Contact us via our website for more information.

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